Oh Hello! Do you come here often?

Why running a business isn’t so dissimilar to the dating scene

It’s about time I said, “Oh Hello!” Since launching Oh So CoCo at the beginning of the year I’ve been busy beavering away reigniting old relationships, stoking new ones and basically keeping my beady eyes open to any new potential budding relationships on the horizon.

Starting a business, or running a business for that matter, isn’t unlike the dating scene. Gulp. Shudder. But it needn’t be a daunting flaunting type of affair – honest! It can be self-effacing, honest and humble, but with an unavoidable, much-needed smattering of boldness, pluckiness and cock-surety at times. Inevitably, there are feelings of bashfulness, moments of “what the hell am I doing!?” and plenty of self-doubt that can creep into one’s conscience. But that’s what makes us real, that’s what makes us us.

From time to time we all need a bit of a talking to in order to get the dating wagon rolling that bit faster and being a self-employed, working from home, working-juggling mum, I’m no exception. Relationships take time to grow; they can’t be rushed. They are built on trust and loyalty, not just the impressive shiny things on display. Whilst a company website (or online dating platform) is a super tool that can display our prized possessions (ahem), it is you – the real-life person – that will nurture and achieve quality, long-lasting, cherishable relationships.

If you have confidence in what you are offering (whether it be yourself or your business) and truly believe that you’re ‘worth it’ (hair swish please!) then what are you waiting for? Get out there! Perhaps I’ll see you around…

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