Spring = Social Digital Detox

Social detox for a digital copywriter

Forget fad diets, fleeting mindfulness mantras and the umpteenth promise-to-self to eat ‘clean’, this Spring I’ll be taking on a mighty challenge; a social digital detox.

Finally, and very very slowly, people are starting to ditch the digital for some actual real-life in-the-moment kind of living. Yes, it is possible! Apparently.

Don’t get me wrong, digital is awesome, essential in fact, my career depends upon it – hell, we all depend it on! When it comes to running a business it’s one of the most powerful and successful tools. But does it really need to be 24/7, taking over our whole lives? No. And yet we’re all guilty of it.

Now I’m talking about our leisure time, not work time (that’s a whole other debate). When did it become ok to cut your mum off mid-sentence – because letting a freshly born email in your inbox stay unread for more than 5 seconds would be a catastrophe – (I did this earlier today – sorry mum), or to keep your finger hovering over the refresh button on your social timeline during a catch up with friends – during dinner – or to addictively dart your eyes to your phone, in case you have some sort of update, when a bit of ‘me’ time would do you the world of good?

No more sneaky communication updates…

The digital social age has meant we can have constant sneaky updates of every inch of our friends flawless lives, become paranoid by the constant LinkedIn stalking (yes, I can see you checking my page AGAIN) and avoid all contact with the people in front of us/next to us in bed, because second-by-second Twitter updates are just SO important. Gah.

So whilst I embrace it as a powerful work tool I have decided to forgo it entirely one day a week (you’ve got to start somewhere). That means no social media, no personal emails and no WhatsApp messaging. If it’s urgent I have a house phone – a dying breed!

Wish me luck!

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