The Freelance Brigade

Free-flowing freelance knowledge-sharing

One thing that has astounded me since setting up alone is just how supportive fellow freelance folk are. I have had no end of small creative businesses and talented professionals reach out to me. Yes, the odd few see you as a threat, but on the whole the vast majority will drop everything, buy you a coffee and thrash out a problem or bash around an idea with you.

Tips a-go-go, from how to chase clients for late payments, finding new work and which networking events are worth the time and effort. Free-flowing sharing of knowledge and been-there-done-that experience tips have been bountiful and oh so helpful.

Been-there-done-that freelance tips a go-go!

Relationship building with prospective clients is essential but relationship building with fellow freelancers and small creative business owners are crucial. There are always opportunities to recommend fellow creative folk and I am always seeking to promote any talented people in my industry – yes that includes people/ businesses with similar skills to me. Crazy? No! I’m always honest about my capabilities and take pride in my work. If a project is too big or too small, outside of my skillset or I’m simply too busy, I will always pass the work on to a worthy contact or, even better, collaborate with one.

So this month I want to say a big “thank you!” to all of you who have taken time out to support me – and that includes IT contacts (I do miss an in-house IT team at times!) – I may sit alone at home when busy working but it’s great to know there are so many fantastic people around always happy to help.

It’s all about providing a quality service as a freelancer and making clients Oh So Happy! The Oh So CoCo ethos stands by it!

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