Toucan Blue

Web copywriting for new clothes retailer

“Krysten is a fabulous copywriter and marketing professional who I would highly recommend. She instantly understood the brief and what I was looking for and delivered a fantastic response.” Kate Cooper, Founder/MD.


Effectively communicating and copywriting the brand essence

Having worked with Kate in the past (she was once my boss!) it was a real privilege to be contacted by her to write the ‘About Us’ section of her new business website – I received a brief which included the target audience, brand ethos, history, journey, goals and overall communication needs, so I knew exactly what Kate wanted to achieve with this page on her site. Many clients often find the ‘About Us’ page a tricky one and given the importance of the content on this page it’s important to nail it and truly communicate the brand ethos. The copy for this page can often be used for future blurb and boilerplates.

Kate has received lots of fantastic feedback about this page, and I hope her business goes on to be extremely successful! The clothes are fabulous!

See Oh So Portfolio for examples of work.