I’m back, but I never really left…

From breastfeeding in briefing meetings to babywearing on client calls – the life of a freelancer on maternity leave

I’m back following my second maternity leave and whilst I gave my social platforms the cold shoulder throughout (I know, I hear you socialites gasp!), I’ve not exactly had ‘time off’. While I’ve been quiet on the digital front, anyone with a baby and a toddler will tell you that ‘time off’ is a thing of the past, and your ‘days off’ become your ‘work days’. But being self-employed has the added pressure of keeping existing clients happy, and prospects warm.

A special “thank you” to my clients – you’re amazing!


By month four I was able to take on a little copywriting project, developing the tone of voice for one of the Whiterooms clients. I love the team at the Whiteroom – they’re switched on, incredibly friendly and take a deep interest in how their clients’ tick. Not only were they happy to invite my seriously-depleted baby-brain to a briefing session, they were also happy for little Joshua to come along too. They put up with/enjoyed his rather distracting wide-eyed stares, gummy smiles and noisy coos, and didn’t bat an eyelid when I needed to breastfeed. Their support, hospitality and open-mindedness was refreshing and hugely appreciated… plus they made me feel like a real-life professional again! Thank you!

Isola Garden Design

By month six I was catching up with the lovely James and Kate Brash at Isola Garden Design – I love hanging out/working with this pair. They ooze charisma, style and passion for their brand. We’ve been working on a really exciting project delving into their customer profiles finding some incredible data insights, building a marketing strategy and content plan… coming soon! Thanks guys, for keeping the faith in me, even when I struggled to locate words (in the thick brain fog), such as “influencer” and “segmentation”.

Audley Group

By month 8 I was already back into the swing of things with my longest standing client, the super-inspiring Katherine at Audley Group. Always eager to throw any number of marketing projects my way, such as market research, film management, event co-ordination, copywriting, and project management, Katherine’s understanding and accommodation for my flexible working needs went above and beyond. There was even a call with Joshua fast asleep in the sling on me (though I’m not sure Katherine heard his snuffles).

So, whilst it was a juggle at times, and there wasn’t the luxury of a complete maternity shut-down, it was proof that trust is a two-way thing when it comes to a strong working relationship with clients’.