Five actions to get your brand back on track

What is your brand power? YOU.

 “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is NO ONE alive that is YOUER than YOU!”

Dr Seuss

Why your brand needs you

Let me start by asking you a question: why did you start your business? Have a think. Perhaps you were sick of the constraints of an employer? Did you want a better work-life balance? You had an idea that you just had to turn into a reality? Whatever the reason. It started because of you.

You are your brand. You are the essence, the story, the feelings, the drive, the blood, sweat and tears. So now take a good look at your brand. What do I mean by brand? Everything that encompasses your business; the soul of it. The look, the feel, the words, the intention, the ethos… you get my drift.

Your brand feels

Does your brand make you have tingly-chuffed-to-pieces, must-shout-about-it-NOW feelings? Do you feel super proud, excited and raring to go? Does it look, and most importantly, does it feel like you? If the answer is no, don’t worry! It’s not too late. Let’s strip it back and get back to basics.

Five brand actions to get you back on track

1. who are ya?

Make a list of what makes you, you. What you love, what your strengths are, and what makes you happy. Focus on the positives – this should be fun and empowering!

2. Vision board time

Now jump on Pinterest (no excuse needed!) and type some of the words from your ‘Who are ya?’ list. Pin away to your heart’s content – anything that jumps out at you, words and images that bring you joy and resonates with you. This is all about you remember.

3. But WHY???

In the words of a toddler: “whyyyyyyyy?” You have your business, perhaps it is a service or a product, but why? This is where you sift through the features and dig deep to find the benefits. You can start with the benefits you get out of it, then focus on the benefits your customers get out of it.

4. Compare and tweak

Having done the previous three exercises, does your brand feel you? Do the images do you justice? Do the words speak you? If not, then it could be time to focus on repositioning your brand vibe. A simple refresh of pics, new web copy driven by your story and ethos (I can help you there!) or a new social approach. Small tweaks can go a long way.

5. Pep-talk

Give yourself a whopping great pat on the back! It ain’t easy running a business, and you’re doing it! Celebrate how far you’ve come and feel excited by the adventure that lies ahead. Still need a pep-talk? I’m your gal! If you want to get those feels back and get your brand back on your track, then get in touch to see how I can help. You deserve to be basking in your epic brand glory!