Oh So Copywriting

Copywriting services with some serious kapow!

“Don’t Gobblefunk around with words.” BFG, Roald Dahl.

I can deliver tailored, creative copywriting for your brand that will engage and entice your customers. From informative to sales, quirky to entertaining, I can use the right language, tone of voice and inject the right amount of personality into your communications to get people to take notice and, most importantly, take action.

Web copy, SEO content writing, ad copy and all-round marketing copy needs to be considered and bang on-brand

Key message development

Does your business have clear and consistent key messages? To ensure brand clarity and high impact messaging that will make your target audience take action, I can develop a suite of go-to key messages that perfectly sum up your business offering, reputation, and unique selling point.

Web copy

Writing for the web isn’t easy – it needs to grab the readers attention within seconds to keep them from bouncing elsewhere. As a professional and experienced web copywriter, I can write your entire website, give your current site a much-needed shake-up or simply edit your content.

SEO content writing

Gone are the days of ‘keyword stuffing’, Google is much smarter than that now. I can provide optimised web content that will incorporate the right keywords to help direct the right visitors to your site.

Blog writing

Blogs are a great way to keep your site optimised, keep your target audience interested and informed, and can be great for knowledge sharing. From ‘how-to’ pieces to company updates, product launches to topical articles, I can provide you with excellent shareable content for your social, email and PR activity.

Case Studies

Real-life case studies are golden. Nothing sells like genuine projects and real people. I have a huge amount of experience interviewing and researching for stories and case studies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your brand and getting the content out there.

Ad Copy

Whether you need online or offline ad copy, I have heaps of experience writing ads that are emotive, clever and tailored to your target customer.

Direct Mail

To those who think DM is dying a slow death, I believe it still has its place – depending on the product and the target customer. I can write personalised letters that will inform, update and promote your business, product or event.


Emails are having to work harder than ever given the competition in the average inbox now, so the subject is key and content is crucial. I can write targeted and appealing content to help you get those all-important click-throughs.


I write internal and external newsletters for clients as a way to update and inform. They are a great way to show off your benefits and meet the real people behind the scenes/benefitting from your brand.

Brand collateral and brochures

Whether you need a simple proofread and edit of flyers or need an in-depth company brochure writing from scratch, I can get to the heart of your business needs and ensure they are genuinely showcased in all your collateral.

Product Descriptions

From property specifications to fashion products, I have years of experience writing web copy that will showcase your products in their best light to attract sales.

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