Good vibes only

An energetic marketing and copywriting cheerleader

I’m Krysten, aka Kiki – hello!

I’ve always been a big believer in uplifting others and steering people to find what makes them happy, whether that be in love, work or play. Oh So Kiki is all about empowering and inspiring business owners to celebrate their brand and have tingly feel-good feelings about all aspects of their marketing and content.

Being a small business myself, I know how overwhelming things can get. I’ve learnt to make the best of my time doing the things I’m ace at (like marketing and copywriting the hell out of your business) and farming out the rest of it (accountant, admin support and IT). My time is so precious, so I spend it wisely.

I spend my workdays dishing out good vibes to my amazing clients with my marketing cheerleading and copywriting know-how. With over ten years in marketing and extensive copywriting experience, I help businesses get their head in the marketing game. I offer 1-2-1 coaching to make sure my clients are getting the most out of their marketing and content. From strategic planning to market research, comms audits to content planning, customer profiling to campaign delivery.

When it comes to words, my Journalism degree massively comes in to play. I love to create an authentic tone of voice that resonates with you and your audience, develop bang-on messaging and story-telling to promote the essence of your brand. I can produce reams of content to get you out there including blogging, emails and ads.

I have had the privilege of dabbling in luxury property and lifestyle brands, a national lifesaving charity, BAFTA-winning children’s TV, award-winning international creative agencies, global powerhouses, household names and fledgeling startups. Take a nosey at my portfolio for a little taster.

“It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.

~JK Rowling ~

At home, I’m on a daily whirlwind adventure with my two boys Fred and Joshie (oh the fun we have and mess we make!), alongside my four-legged hairy best friend, Lady Coco (woof!), and two-legged hairy chocolate-eating partner in crime, Matt (hubby).

Want to get to know me a little bit more? Book a free 15-minute phone/zoom video consultation to see if you like my style!